Installatron installaties toedienen in Direct Admin

Fast-paced and easy to use are just one of the key features of using Installatron and it also has a number of scripts that you can use to add to your virtual environment. In web hosting, installing applications have never been easier with the use of Installatron in DirectAdmin.

To learn how to manage and administer Installatron installations in DirectAdmin, follow the instructions below:

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1. Log in to DirectAdmin

2. Scroll down to see the Extra Features category.

3. Click the Installatron Administration link.

4. You will now be able to see the main page for Installatron.

5. Click the Edit Script Groups link to check the available options.

6. You can now create a script group which will allow certain customers to access to only a specific selection of scripts in Installatron. If you want to be able to charge a fee for your customers for making certain scripts that are only available to them, this feature is also useful. To create a script group, click Create script group link.

7. Enter a name for the new script group in the Script Group box.

8. There are two ways to setup the script group: one is to set it up to be available to a specific group of users or set it up to be available to customers who have the same account package. To assign the newly created script group to customers who have the Bronze package, tick the box beside Bronze.

9. Scroll down to choose which scripts are available to the specified customers. The choices available are All Scripts, No Scripts or a custom selection.

10. Then choose the scripts that you want to make available.

11. Scroll down.

12. Click the Save button when finished.

13. A new script group has been successfully created and it’s listed on the Script group page.

14. To return to the Installatron Administration page, click the Return to Admin button.

15. When you click the Build Lists link, it will rebuild your installer list files. Click the View Install Overview to check all of the Installatron scripts in all accounts of your reseller plan.

16. Click Return to iTron Admin button to return to the main administration page of Installatron.

17. Scroll down. The Upgrade Email Notification tool allows you to automatically notify customers of the availability of new versions of their Installatron scripts.

18. Scroll down. To include a message at the top of your customer’s main Installatron page, Message of the Day will allow you to do it.

19. If List Builder is enabled, the installer files will be created and can be incorporated into your websites to advertise the scripts available through Installatron. Click the Save button when finished.

20. Click Home. This is the end of the demo. You now know how to manage and administer Installatron installations in your reseller plan and you can now create custom script groups making only certain Installatron scripts available to specified customers.

21. Thank you for watching the tutorial in how to administer Installatron installation in DirectAdmin. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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