Backup maken van je website met Direct Admin

Most people take measures to backup all important files and sensitive data from their computers to a hard disk and for someone who recently put up a site, a web hosting tutorial will teach you the importance of backing up data. Whether these are web pages, system files, pictures and MySQL databases, backups should be done regularly. Backing up your site starts with your web hosting service, so prior to having its servers host your site, you may review what features are available, particularly its backup functions.

In this web hosting tutorial, you may follow the steps listed below in order to backup all the contents of your account using Direct Admin:

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1. Log in to Direct Admin.

2. To backup your files, click on the Create Restore Backups link.

3. Once you are on the main back up screen, you can select specific portions of the account that you want to backup. You may leave everything checked if you intend to backup your whole account. Scroll down.

4. Create a backup of your account by clicking the Create backup button.

5. Scroll down. Your files are now backed up.

6. Scroll down to download the latest backup.
7. Click on the link Download the latest backup to your computer.

8. Click Save on the File Download prompt.

9. Click Save again on Save As prompt.

10. When the download is complete, click Close.

11. To take a look at the backups, click on the list of your current backups stored in your hosting account.

12. Backups are listed on the backups folder of File manager. Click the Home icon.

13. Go back to Create/restore backups.

14. Scroll down.

15. To restore files from a backup, select a file to restore from the list.

16. Select the file.

17. Click on the Select Restore Options button to restore the files.

18. You can choose to restore only part of the account by unmarking the boxes next to the items you don’t want to restore. Scroll down.

19. Click the Restore selected items button to restore the entire account.

20. Scroll down to check if your account is successfully restored.

21. To restore the backup we previously saved to our computer, click on the link for your current backups to go back to File Manager.

22. Scroll down.

23. Click Upload files to current directory button.

24. Locate the backup file from your computer.

25. Click the file open.

26. Click the upload files button.

27. That’s it! The backup file has been uploaded to the server that can be used to restore your account.

28. This is the end of the demo. You now know how to backup your account to the server, or to your own computer and how to restore previously saved backups from the server or from your computer.

29. Thank you for watching this tutorial. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

Backing up the contents of your website can save you from the hassle of trying to recover data that have been corrupted, lost or tampered with by other unauthorized users. Whether you choose to do the procedure above or save them on an external medium, you can easily access everything that you backed up. In cases of down time, you can restore all data from your backup files and have your pages available for your visitors or customers to see. This web hosting tutorial teaches you exactly how to do it in Direct Admin so you can schedule regular backups to ensure the security of all information on your website.

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