Gebruikers wachtwoord veranderen in Direct Admin

A client can become a Reseller web host by purchasing or renting a Reseller plan from a company that offers web hosting services. In DirectAdmin, you can be able to manage different accounts of the users who availed of your web hosting services. You can change a user’s password in DirectAdmin. However, you can only do this if the user has forgotten their password. Before you change a user’s passwords you have to verify who they are before you change their password for them for security purposes.

The instructions below will teach you how to change a user’s password.

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1. Log in to your Reseller account in DirectAdmin.

2. Scroll down to see the Reseller’s Tools.

3. Click the Change Passwords link.

4. Enter username of the user that you want to change password for.

5. Enter a new password.

6. Re-enter a new password for verification.

7. Click on the Submit button when you’re finished.

8. The user password is now changed.

9. This is the end of the tutorial. Don’t forget to notify the user for the new password so that he can be able to login to DirectAdmin again.

10. Thanks for watching the demo on how to change user’s password in DirectAdmin.

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