Wachtwoord veranderen in Direct Admin

For security reasons, changing your Direct Admin password is encouraged. It prevents unwanted circumstances and discourages hacking of accounts. If you have not changed your password since you have first created your hosting account, learning to do so should give you a good opportunity to avoid future mishaps.

If you wish to change your Direct Admin password but you are totally clueless of how to do it, here are the steps to do it:

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1. Log in to the Direct Admin account.

2. Click the “Change Password” link.

3. You will then be directed to the “Change Password” section. To change your password, you would need to key in your existing password first in the “Enter Old Password” field.

4. Then enter your new password in the field that states “Enter Password.”

5. Key in the same password in the “Re-enter Password” field.

6. When you are done entering old password and new password, click the “Submit” button.

7. A status stating “Password Changed” under the “Details” section will appear immediately onscreen if you have successfully changed your Direct Admin password.

8. The next time you log in or whenever you log in to your Direct Admin account, you should then use your new password.

9. Thank you for watching the tutorial on how to change your password in Direct Admin. Note that it’s a good idea to regularly change your password as it helps keep your account secured.

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