Reseller wachtwoord veranderen in Direct Admin

In web hosting, a Reseller means that an allotted bandwidth or disk space is sold to a third party who wants to host a website. You can obtain a Reseller plan or account when you purchase from a web hosting company and sell them for profits. Technical details such as extensive database knowledge and programming language are not required when you avail of a Reseller plan. Connectivity, hardware or software issues are forwarded to the server provider where the Reseller plan is purchased. A Reseller can manage and set up different accounts in a form of control panel.

To know how to change a Reseller password in DirectAdmin, here are the instructions:

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1. Log in to your Reseller account in the DirectAdmin homepage.

2. Click on the password icon.

3. To change your reseller password, you must enter first your old password for verification.

4. After entering the old password, you may now enter a new password.

5. Re-enter your new password for verification purposes.

6. Click the Submit button when you’re done.

7. For security purposes, it is strongly advisable to change your password often.

8. Now, you know how to change your reseller’s password in DirectAdmin.

9. Thanks for watching the tutorial guide in how to change your reseller password.

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