Catch all e-mail account aanmaken in Direct Admin

Ever wonder how you can have every uninteresting or potentially dangerous emails sent to a certain email address where you can stack and delete them? Using Direct Admin, you can manage your emails at the same time that you receive it. With a Catch all Email Account, you can manage emails that come from an non-existing email account, or email addresses that are not set up in your email account. This catchall email account will do this for all your emails that are set up in your hosting account.

Here are some steps to create a Catch All email account in Direct Admin:

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1. Log in to your account.

2. In the page you are directed to, Scroll Down.

3. Then Click the Catch All Email Link.

4. There are three different choices that you can choose from to deal with emails that come from a non-existent email account or are not set up in your domain.

First you can have the email returned to the sender. Second, you can have the email dropped, deleted and completely ignored. And third, you can have these emails forwarded to another email account that could also be an email account in your hosting account to take care of these types of messages or could also be an unrelated address. To create a Catch All Email Address, click the third box.

5. Select from the email addresses that you have set up in your hosting account.

6. You can do this by clicking the drop down box beside the space for unrelated emails.

7. Click the email of your choice.

8. Then click the update button.

9. And with that you are finished! You now have a catch all email address for all the emails coming from unknown email account holders.

10. You can also check the Details of the Catch All email or change the email address in the same page by clicking the Details Button.

11. Click the Home button to return to the Direct Admin member’s main page.

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