Domain pointer creeëren in Direct Admin

A domain pointer lets you point another domain name to your main account domain name so that both domain names resolve to the same website. You can set up as many domain pointers as your account allows. As a result, you can have numerous domain names pointing only to one website.

Follow the steps below to learn how to create a domain pointer in direct admin:

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1. Log in to the Direct Admin account.

2. In your account, scroll down to the Advanced Features section.

3. Click the “Domain Pointers” link. You will then be directed to the main Domain Pointers page.

4. In the empty field labeled “Source Domain”, enter a domain name to be directed to your account.

5. The domain name you enter should be the same as the Nameserver or DNS settings of your main domain. Contact your domain registrar on how to set it up.

6. Click the “Add Button.”

7. If the domain name that you entered appears as a “Source Domain”, you have successfully set up your new domain pointer.

8. If you wish to delete a domain pointer, the steps are just as easy. Simply tick the “Select” box of the source domain that you want to delete.

9. Then, click “Delete.” If the domain pointer has been removed from the “Source Domain,” you have successfully deleted it.

10. To set up as many additional parked domains as your hosting plan allows, simply follow the same steps.

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