Spam filter aanmaken in Direct Admin

Spam and stray mail can be very bothersome especially for those who rely on communications made through e-mail. Most e-mail service providers offer their clients the ability to set and manage filters for their accounts. This makes sorting out the important emails and filtering out spam faster and easier. In Direct Admin, it is also possible for a client to set filters and even delete existing ones.

This tutorial will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to create spam filters in Direct Admin:

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1. Log in to Direct Admin.

2. Scroll down your Direct Admin main page until you reach the E-mail Management tool.

3. Under the E-mail Management tool, you will find the SPAM filters link. Click it to start managing your SPAM filters.

4. You will be redirected to the main E-mail Filter screen. Here you can enter several different types of filters for your account.

5. Block and e-mail from a specific sender by entering the address that you want blocked on the space provided.

6. After you have entered the e-mail address that you want to block, click the “Block” button that you will see beside the box intended for the e-mail address.

7. You can also block an e-mail coming from an entire domain. Enter the domain that you want to block from your e-mails in the space provided.

8. After you have entered the domain, click the “Block” button found beside it.

9. Click the “Enable” button corresponding to the Adult Filter to activate it.

10. Emails that match your filter criteria can either be dropped or sent to a spam box instead. Send the e-mails that match your filter criteria to the spam box by choosing the spam box option found in the form.

11. Once you have set the action for the filter matches, click the “save” button beside it.

12. You can also remove existing filters through this e-mail filter screen. Try removing the filter that you have just created by checking the box corresponding to the filters that you want to delete.

13. Once you are finished selecting the filters, click the “Delete Selected” button.

14. Your filters have been deleted. Click the Home icon found at the upper portion of the page to go back to your Direct Admin main page.

15. You now know how to create and remove e-mail filters from Direct Admin.

16. Thank you for watching this demo on how to create spam filters in Direct Admin.

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