Subdomain creeëren in Direct Admin

Sub-domains are third-level domains that you can take advantage to organize your website content and have users easily access its pages via a special URL access. You can create as many sub-domains as your web hosting plan permits by following these easy steps.

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1. Log in to the Direct Admin account.

2. Click the “Subdomain Management” link.

3. You will then be directed to the “SubDomain” page where you can set up and remove sub-domains for your hosting account.

4. To create a sub-domain, enter the prefix of the sub-domain in the field labeled “Add Sub-Domain”

5. Then, click the “Create” button.

6. If the new sub-domain has been successfully created, its sub-domain name will immediately appear in your table of sub-domains with its “stats,” “bandwidth usage,” “usage logs” and “error logs.” It will have a folder setup with the same name in your “public_html” directory. This is where you can upload your sub-domain files and pages.

7. If you want to delete a sub-domain, simply tick the “Select” box of the sub-domain name.

8. Also tick the box labeled “Remove Directory Contents” if you as well want to remove all its contents.

9. Then, click the “Delete Selected” button.

10. The sub-domain is successfully removed from the hosting account if its name has already been deleted from sub-domain table.

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