FTP accounts aanmaken in Direct Admin

Hosting accounts are accounts that allow you to manage your email account simultaneously. You can crate these types of accounts in Direct Admin. But there are also a lot of other things that you can do in Direct Admin such as creating a Catch All email Address, a POP email account and you can even schedule system commands to be executed with the push of a button. Another great use of Direct Admin is that you can create an FTP Account.

Here is how you can create an FTP account in Direct Admin:

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1. Log in to your Account in Direct Admin.

2. Then click the FTP Management link.

3. You will then be redirected to the FTP accounts main page form where you can create, manage, or delete FTP Accounts. As you can see, there is already one FTP Account listed in the list.
This is the main FTP Account that comes with every hosting account and cannot be deleted.
To create a new one, click the Create FTP Account link.

4. In the next page, enter your new FTP Username in the space provided.

5. Enter a password for the new FTP Account.

6. And re-enter the password in the space provided.

7. Scroll down the page to see the different FTP accounts that you can create.

8. Choose the extent of access that you want to grant the new FTP User. This could be a Domain, FTP, User.

9. If you want a customized extent of access, fill in the root directory that you want to be available to the new FTP user in the space provided.

10. Then click the Create Button to finish creating the new FTP Account.

11. You will now see the new FTP Account listed in the FTP Accounts page.

12. To delete an FTP Account, just click the small white box aligned to the FTP Account you want deleted.

13. Then click the Delete Selected button to finish deleting the FTP Account.

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