Autoresponder aanmaken in Direct Admin

There are a whole lot of people who creates buzz in the Internet, gaining popularity all over the world. They do have an email account but, sometimes replying to every one of the emails giving praise and admiration will take up a whole lot of time. But thanks to Direct Admin, you can create and Autoresponder email that will reply to every email sent to your primary one with automatic messages according to your preference.

Here is how you can create an Auto Responder:

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1. First, create an account in Direct Admin.

2. Then Log In to your Account.

3. After heading to the main page of Direct Admin for members, Scroll down.

4. Click the Autoresponder’s link.

5. As you know Autoresponders will automatically reply to a certain message sent to a certain account with pre-typed messages. To do this, Click the Create New Autoresponder Link.

6. In the next page, Enter a New Email address for the Autoresponder, making sure that it is not already used as a POP email account, forwarder or mailing list.

7. Then enter the Autoresponder Message in the space provided. It is up to you to customize the message as appropriate to its purpose.

8. Then Scroll down.

9. If you want to be notified whenever an Autoresponder response is sent, click the “Send a CC to:” box.

10. Enter your Email Address in the space provided.

11. Then click the “Create” Button.

12. You have successfully created an Autoresponder! In the same screen you are on, you can also modify or delete Autoresponders.

13. To delete an Autoresponder Click the “Select” Box.

14. Then click the Delete Selected Button.

15. You have deleted the Autoresponder. You can go back anytime to the Autoresponder page at any time to create, delete or modify Autoresponders.

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