Custom error paginas aanmaken in Direct Admin

With DirectAdmin, you can manage your email account in one place. But aside from that, you can do a whole lot more and it could prove to be more useful when you have a website. Websites often have bugs in their links and sometime human errors give these links their own errors. Typing a link in the Internet requires you to be careful as one misplaced comma or dot will result to a non-existent page, redirecting your viewers to other pages. With DirectAdmin, you can customize the Error pages in your website.

Here is how to create custom error pages in DirectAdmin:

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1. Log in To your account in DirectAdmin.

2. Then Scroll down.

3. Click the Custom Error Pages link.

4. In the next page, DirectAdmin lists down all the error pages in your website that you can edit. These pages display automatically when a viewer tries to view a page in your website that does not exist.

5. Select which error page you want to edit.

6. Then click the link of the error page beside the View link.

7. You will then be directed to where you can edit the error page you want displayed in your website.

8. You can have your viewer return to the home page of your website by pasting the HTML code of the page containing an apology and the link of the homepage in the space provided. That way you can still have the viewers in your website whenever they click a non-existing page and not exit from your site.

9. You can preview the page by clicking the Preview HTML button.

10. This will show how the error page you edited will look like.

11. To return to the edit page close the window by clicking the exit button on the upper right corner.

12. Save the page by clicking the Save As button.

13. The page will now be listed in the File Manager.

14. You can now edit other error pages as you like in your website within DirectAdmin.

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