Hosting packages creeëren in Direct Admin

Web hosting has become more common these days especially since our world has become technologically-driven. But before you can be in on the web hosting business, you have to learn how to create hosting packages. This part is important especially if you want to go on and create hosting accounts.

This tutorial will familiarize you with the steps of creating a hosting package using Direct Admin:

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1. Log in to Direct Admin as a reseller.

2. Click the “Add Package” link.

3. Clicking the link will lead you to the screen intended for creating new packages. Start the process by creating a new package that has a 200 MB storage space with the name Package-2.

4. Enter “2000″ to the space intended for Bandwidth.

5. Next, type in “200″ in the box next to the Disk Space label.

6. Specify the number of domains by entering “3″ to the box next to the Domains.

7. Enter “5″ in the box next to the Sub-Domains to create five sub-domains.

8. Type “102″ in the box next to the Email Accounts.

9. Create a package with an unlimited number of email forwarders by checking the box corresponding to “Unlimited” in the Email Forwarders section.

10. Scroll down the page to continue with the package creation process.

11. To move along the process, you should choose the resources that you want to include in the package that you are about to create.

12. For your mailing lists, check the box corresponding to the Unlimited option.

13. Next, also check the box for the Unlimited option in the AutoResponder portion.

14. Type in 2 in the space provided to specify the number of MySQL Databases that your new package will have.

15. Check the box corresponding to the Unlimited option to have an unlimited number of Domain Pointers in your new package.

16. Scroll down and enter the name for the package that you are about to create.

17. Type Package-2 in the space provided for the package name and click the “Save” button once you are done.

18. Upon clicking “Save”, the new package named Package-2 will automatically be setup and is now ready to use. The page to which you have been redirected can also be used to delete other packages that you have previously created.

19. Once you are done, click the “Home” icon on the top left portion of the page to go back to the main display of Direct Admin. The process is done and now you know how to create new hosting packages. It is necessary for you to create hosting packages before you can begin to create new hosting accounts.

20. Thank you for watching this tutorial on how to create hosting packages in Direct Admin.

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