Hosting packages onderhouden in Direct Admin

Hosting packages, also known as user packages, are essential to any reseller; and what good news can come to them than the fact that they can effectively manage their user packages from within Direct Admin. Direct Admin is a type of software which enables one to establish and manage thousand of websites if he chooses to. It is very low-cost and is now one of the most popular software when it comes to web hosting.

The following is a step-by-step guide for Direct Admin resellers on how they can successfully manage their hosting packages:

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  • Login to Direct Admin as a reseller.
  • Click the “Manage User Packages” link.
  • Once in the main User Packages page, you can opt to:
  1. Add new packages by clicking “Add Package” at the upper left
  2. Delete existing packages by selecting their corresponding boxes and clicking “Delete Selected” on the lower right
  3. Modify existing packages
  • For this tutorial, try to modify the “Package-2” by clicking on it.
  • At the “Bandwidth” field, you can enter the new resource values you want for this package.
  • The default “Bandwidth” value is 2000; change it to 5000.
  • At the “Domains” field, change the value from 3 to 5.
  • Scroll down until you see the “Skin” option. This option allows you to change the skin of your package.
  • Click the drop down arrow beside “Skin.”
  • Choose “enhanced.”
  • After making the necessary changes, click Save to retain the changes you have made.
  • That’s it! Your package has been successfully modified!
  • To delete “Package-2,” select its corresponding box.
  • Click the “Delete Selected” button found directly under it.
  • You now know how to manage your hosting or user packages from within Direct Admin.
  • Thank you for reading this tutorial. The video demo above will help you get a clear picture of the guide.
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