Nameservers onderhouden in Direct Admin

Setting up nameservers is an integral part in any web hosting enterprise. While it may seem confusing for newbies, many programs are available to help make managing nameservers as well as web hosting easier.

This tutorial will teach you how to manage nameservers using Direct Admin:

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1. Log in as a reseller to Direct Admin.

2. Scroll down the Direct Admin page.

3. Now you will learn how to manage Nameservers in Direct Admin. To start, click the “Nameservers” link found under the Extra Features tool.

4. The link will redirect you to a page that contains information about your name servers. Scroll down the page.

5. Here you will find the entire Nameserver screen of Direct Admin. Here, you will be able to add new nameservers, delete existing ones and select the nameservers that you want to use. Use the two IP addresses with the “free” status to create new nameservers.

6. Place a check in the box corresponding to the first free IP address.

7. Place another check in the box to select the second free IP adrresss. You have now chosen two IP addresses for your nameservers.

8. Select the domain name for your two new nameservers from the dropdown menu found in the page.

9. Choose the “” option as the domain name of your two new nameservers.

10. Click the “Create” button once you are finished with setting the domain name.

11. You have now created to new nameservers. These nameservers have been setup in Direct Admin, but you will have to register them first before they can be utilized.

12. To do that, you have to go back the main Nameservers screen by clicking the “Back” link found at the bottom of the screen.

13. When you reach the Nameservers main page, look for the two nameservers that you have just created. You have to delete the two nameservers that you have created. Check the box corresponding to the first nameserver.

14. Check the second box corresponding to the second nameserver.

15. Click the “Delete Nameservers” button to delete the nameservers from the server.

16. Once you are finished, click the “Home” icon found at the upper left corner of the page.

17. You now know how to manage your nameservers in Direct Admin. Contact your reseller plan provider should you wish to obtain new IP addresses for your server.

18. Thank you for watching this tutorial on how to manage nameservers using Direct Admin.

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