Redirects beheren in Direct Admin

Have you ever wished that you can redirect your visitors from a certain page so you don’t get any bad or rude comments? With Direct Admin services, you can now set up these URL Redirection routes to accommodate your website visitors. Websites, though virtual, will also need upgrades and even maintenance. While doing these tasks, it is normal for people to be redirected to an error page or experience slow services and likewise the process will also slow down. With URL Redirection routes, you can redirect your visitors to other pages while upgrading or doing maintenance on certain pages of your website. Broken or old pages within your website can also be replaced by doing the same technique!

Here is how you can Manage URL Redirects in Direct Admin:

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1. Log in to your Account in Direct Admin.

2. Then scroll down to locate the Site Redirection Link.

3. Click the Site Redirection Link.

4. You will then be directed to the main Redirect page where you can manage, create or delete URL redirects.

5. In the space provided, type in the URL of the page you want visitors to be redirected away from.

6. In the Destination URL box, type in the URL of the page you want visitors to be redirected to.

7. Then Click the Save Button.

8. You have successfully created a new URL Redirection route that is now listed below! In the same page, you can modify or delete the said redirection routes.

9. To delete an existing URL redirection route, click the box under the select column aligned to the URL redirection you want to delete.

10. Then click the Delete Button.

11. You have now successfully deleted a URL Redirection route. Click the Home button to return to the main Direct Admin page or create another route as you please.

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