IP Address Pool onderhouden in Direct Admin

What exactly is Direct Admin, and how can you, as a reseller, use it to pool your IP addresses? Direct Admin is a type of control panel software specializing in web hosting and enables on to effectively manage his or her website using a detailed and web-based user interface. In this tutorial, resellers will be shown how to manage their IP address pool in their accounts using Direct Admin.

The following is a step-by-step guide:

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1. Log in to “Direct Admin” as a reseller.

2. Scroll down to the “Reseller Tools” category.

3. Click the link which says “IP Management.”

4. On the right side of the table are check boxes; check the one which corresponds to the “free” IP to change its status to “shared.” There are three statuses in which IP’s may be in.
     a. Server – the IP is used with name-based accounts set to share the server’s main IP
     b. Owned – the IP address is being used as a dedicated IP address for one specific
         account as shown in the example
     c. Free – the IP can be used as a dedicated IP address for any new accounts to be

5. After selecting the corresponding box, click the “Share Selected” button to change its status from “free” to “shared.” The status of the corresponding IP address will now change to “shared.”

6. To change the IP address’ status back to free, select the corresponding box of the IP address.

7. Click the “Free Selected” button.

8. The IP addresses’ former status returns and it will become a “free” IP again.

9. The “nameserver” column would show which IP’s the reseller’s nameservers were using.

10. You now know how to manage your IP address pool in Direct Admin. If you need more IP addresses other than those listed on your screen, then you will have to contact your reseller plan provider to be able to have more IP’s.

11. Thank you for reading our tutorial. The demo video above will provide you with a more visual presentation of how to manage your IP address pool using Direct Admin.

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