Berichten verzenden naar gebruikers in Direct Admin

When working as a reseller, one must be able to communicate effectively with the users in his/her network as well as the actual reseller plan provider. There are many ways to accomplish this and sending them a message through Direct Admin is one of them.

This tutorial will teach you how to send messages to other users in your network using Direct Admin:

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1. Log in to Direct Admin as a reseller.

2. Under the Account Management tool, look for the “Manage Tickets” link and click it.

3. Once you are redirected to a new page, click the Send Message link which can be found on the upper left corner of the page.

4. This will lead to a new page where the Create message screen can be found.

5. In this screen, you can choose to send messages to specific users, all users at the same time or to Admin.

6. Click new user. This means that you will be sending a message to only one specific user.

7. Select the ticket priority.

8. There are three ticket priorities- low, medium and high. For this message, you shall use medium as your ticket priority.

9. To set your ticket priority, you just have to click on your choice, in this case medium, from the dropdown menu.

10. Enter the subject of your message on the space provided.

11. For this message you shall be using URGENT as your subject. Type URGENT on the blank provided before proceeding to the body of the message itself.

12. Below the space for the Subject is a large space allotted for the body of the message that you are about to send. Type in “Your account is past due” in the space provided. This will serve as the body of your message.

13. When you are finished with your message, click the “Save” button found at the bottom right corner of the page.

14. The message will automatically be sent upon clicking of the “Save” button. Apart from your actual message, the user will also receive an email notifying him of this new message.

15. Click the “Home” icon at the upper left portion of the page to go back to the Direct Admin main page. You now know how to send messages to other users in your Direct Admin plan.

16. Thank you for viewing this tutorial about sending messages to other users in Direct Admin.

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