Cron Job in Direct Admin aanmaken

Direct Admin has many uses aside from hosting your emails. It can also run certain commands on your computer as you schedule it. With this, you can do your morning tasks as prompted by your account or you can also have this as a reminder for your tasks. This is called a Cron Job is very useful especially when you’re busy and tend to forget things when stressed.

Here are the steps to setting up a cron job in Direct Admin.

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1. Log in to your account in Direct Admin.

2. Then Scroll Down.

3. Then click the Corn Jobs link.

4. You will then be directed top the main Cron Job page where you can create, modify or delete Cron Jobs. Specifically Cron Jobs are system commands that you schedule to occur at a late date or time.

5. To start setting up the Cron Job, Scroll down the page.

6. You will then see several information with a space provided.

7. Customize the schedule according to your preferred schedule. Click the space for the “Minute” the Cron Job will be executed and put the minute number you want it to be executed.

8. Click the space for the hours and fill in the hour of day you want it to be executed.

9. You can do this as specific as once a month or several days a month by filling in the Day of Month You want it executed.

10. Then select a month you want it to be executed if you want it to be once a year.

11. If you want it to be executed once a week, then delete the info on the Day of Month and Month boxes, and select a Day of the Week.

12. Next, type in the system command to be run.

13. Then click the Add button.

14. You can delete Cron Jobs on the same page by selecting which Cron Job to delete then click the Delete Button.

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