E-mail door verwijzen in Direct Admin video tutorial demo

Direct Admin is a hosting site where you can have your emails managed all in one place. You can also have your emails automatically send a certain message to another email address by setting up an Email Forwarder in your Direct Admin account. That way you can spread your greetings or other chain messages easily without even pushing a button.

Here is how to set up Email Forwarding in Direct Admin:

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1. Log in to your Direct Admin account.

2. Scroll down on the main page.

3. Click the Forwarder Link.

4. In the next page, you can manage your email forwarder and you can create new ones.

5. To create a new email forwarder, click the Create New E-mail Forwarder link.

6. Then enter the email prefix in the Forwarder Name box. This indicates the email containing or that will be receiving the emails you want to be forwarded.

7. You can now type the destination email in the space provided, which will be the receiver of the forwarded emails.

8. Then click the Create button.

9. You have now successfully created an email forwarder! And now whenever you receive an email in a an address in your hosting account, it will be automatically sent to another email.

10. You can return to the Email forwarders list by clicking the HERE link.

11. In the next screen you can add new email forwarders, modify existing ones or delete them altogether. You can modify existing ones by clicking the Modify link beside the email forwarder and modify the emails the email forwarder will be using.

12. If you want to delete a certain email forwarder, click the box below the select column in alignment with the email forwarder you want to delete.

13. Then click the Delete Selected Button and you will be able to delete the email forwarder.

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