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In this web hosting tutorial, you will learn how easy it is to manage your programs and scripts using Installatron. Installatron is a premier plug-in program that automatically installs and automatically upgrades components of web hosting systems control panel. It was first released in 2004 and throughout the years, it has aimed to provide its most stable version for a wide range of web hosting services all over the world. Its powerful, automatic features instantly install and upgrade in order to maintain the best scripts and applications available on the web. It is available to various web hosting panels such as DirectAdmin, Interworx, Plesk Panel for Windows and Linux, cPanel/WHM, Kloxo/LxAdmin and cPanel Enkompass. Installatron provides your users with the best and high-quality applications for an easy, trouble-free navigation. All applications are regularly updated and tested to make sure they are available in their latest versions. Users are advised through notification emails if there are newer versions of the applications they have installed. With its upgrade wizard, upgrading your scripts to the latest ones is much easier. Users can even create a backup while upgrading their applications.

Below is a detailed guide in this web hosting tutorial that will help you use Installatron in Direct Admin:

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1. Log into Direct Admin.

2. To use Installatron, scroll down.

3. Click the Installatron link.

4. Installatron is an auto-installer program that allows the user to install multiple free programs and scripts with just a few clicks. The scripts that can be installed are listed on the right side of the main Installatron page. To view the complete list of available programs, scroll down.

5. Scroll down again to view more programs on the list.

6. Scroll down again to view the next available programs.

7. There are 50 available programs through Installatron.

8. Install one of the scripts in your account. Select the b2evolution blog by clicking on it.

9. Scroll down.

10. The b2evolution page will load and displays information about the script you are going to install. To install the script for b2evolution, click on the New Install button.

11. Scroll down.

12. This installation requires an existing MySQL database, so make sure one is already available before proceeding with this step. Enter an Admin password on the appropriate field.

13. Type the password and scroll down.

14. Agree to the scripts Terms of Usage by clicking the checkbox.

15. Click the Install button when ready.

16. Scroll down.

17. Click the Configure button.

18. Scroll down.

19. To complete the installation, click on the Go button.

20. Once the installation for b2evolution is complete, scroll down.

21. To begin using the program, you can click the log in link below the page. Close the window and return to the installation screen.

22. Click on the Finalize button.

23. Click OK upon the prompt.

24. Administer your b2evolution installation by clicking on the Admin button.

25. This is the end of the demo. You now know how to use Installatron to install dozens of free scripts into your account. Remember that in most cases, you’ll need to make sure you have at least one available MySQL database for successful script installations.

26. Thank you for watching this tutorial. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions.

Installatron simplifies the method of hosting a number of web applications at the same time. It covers a lot of application categories like blogs, photo sharing, wikis, shopping cart programs and web content. While following this web hosting tutorial, you may also begin upgrading and installing the applications you want to use.

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