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Web mail is known to be one of the best web tools on the Internet. It enables the user to send, receive and manage emails using a web browser. It is different from a traditional email wherein every user configures an email client on one computer. Therefore, their only access to their email is through one particular computer only which is located in one specific location. The web mail on the other hand, is located up centrally, enabling access from any location through the use of internet.

Web mail has become widely accepted and well known. Web mail services are generally provided for free. Basically, these companies present their services for free to attract users to continue returning back to their site. Most of the users check their email regularly. The larger the number of visitors on the website, the more proceeds a company can get to promote their advertisements.

The following instructions can help the user to know how to use the Web mail from within the Direct Admin:

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1. Log in to Direct Admin.

2. To start the process of knowing how to use Web Mail for accessing email from within Direct Admin, click the Web Mail icon in the Direct Admin interface.

3. Log in to Web Mail using your complete POP mail address and provide the password.

4. Then, click the “Log in” button.

5. You will see the main screen of the SquirrelMail which shows the contents of the main inbox.

6. Click the Options link.

7. On the Option page, various options for configuring your webmail are displayed. These are Personal Information, Display Preferences, Message Highlighting, Folder Preferences and Index Order. Try to alter the given options.

8. Now, click the Folders link. This page allows you to create or remove folders and sub-folders, which enables you to organize well your email messages.

9. To create a new folder, enter a new folder name in the blank box provided. Then, click the “Create” button.

10. To see the new folder you just created in the folder’s list, click the “Refresh folder list” link.

11. You will now see the folder you just created. You can create as many folders as you want.

12. Then click the Addresses link. SquirrelMail comes with an Address Book which you can use to store frequently used email-adds.

13. Scroll down. Now, try to add an email address to the address book.

14. Provide the Nickname, E-mail Address, First Name, Last Name and Additional Information in the blank boxes provided.

15. After that, click the “Add Address” button.

16. You will now see the new address that has been added to the address book. Then try to delete the address from the Address book.

17. Check the box provided. Then, click the “Delete Selected” button.

18. To send an email, click the Compose link.

19. To select an address from the Address book, click the “Addresses” button.

20. Select the address to send a message to.

21. Then, click the “Use Address” button.

22. The email address is inserted automatically into the “To” field.

23. Fill in the rest of the details (the Cc: field and your message).

24. Scroll down. And click the “Send” button.

25. The message has been successfully sent.

26. Click the “sent” link to see the message that you just sent.

27. You will now see the list of email addresses and the message that you just sent. Then, go back to the INBOX.

28. Try to remove the message. Check the box provided.

29. Then, click the “Delete” button.

30. To move the message to the folder you created earlier, check the box provided.

31. Select the Temp Folder in the “Move Selected To” options.

32. Click the “Move” button.

33. The message has been successfully moved to the Temp Folder.

34. To see if the message is there, click the Temp Folder located on the left side of the page.

35. You will see that the message is located in the said folder.

36. When finished using the webmail, click the Sign Out link located at the upper right corner of the page for security reasons.

37. This is the end of the tutorial. You know now how to use Web Mail from within the Direct Admin.

38. Thank you for watching the demo on how to use webmail in direct admin.

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