Website statistieken bekijken in Direct Admin

Website statistics are important figures for website owners because these values reflect how much traffic your site is getting and how well it is doing. These figures enable a site owner to establish trends and patterns regarding the site.

This tutorial will teach you how to view your website statistics in Direct Admin:

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1. Log in to Direct Admin.

2. Look for the Site Summary/Statistics/Logs link under the Your Account tool in your Direct Admin main page.

3. Click the Site Summary/Statistics/Logs link. This link will bring you to the main web statistics screen. Information about your hosting account can be seen in this page.

4. Scroll down the main web statistics page. Here you will see your account’s current usage as well as the maximum usage allowed for your account.

5. Further down the page, you will see that it is possible for you to change the email address that you are using to receive important notifications from your administrators.

6. Scroll down the lower portion of the page. The page also allows you to view all the services in your server and whether or not each service is running.

7. Scroll back up to the top of the page. You can check the webalizer stats of your website.

8. Click the name of the website that you want to view from the list found on the page. You will then be redirected to the main Webalizer Stats page.

9. Scroll down to view the summary of your statistics by month.

10. You can also view a more detailed version of your website’s statistics per month. All you have to do is click the month for which you want to view statistics. This will bring you to the summary stats page for your chosen month.

11. There are a number of available links on the page that give more detailed statistics for that chosen month. Click the Daily Statistics link.

12. This link shows your daily stats for your chosen month. Return to the monthly statistics summary page.

13. Click the URLs link afterwards.

14. The link shows top URLs and entry and exit pages for that month. Return to the monthly statistics summary page after.

15. After viewing your statistics, you may now return to the Direct Admin main page.

16. You now know how to view website statistics in Direct Admin. Please keep in mind that you can return to the site statistics page as often as you want to view updated data about your website.

17. Thank you for watching this demo on how to view website statistics in Direct Admin.

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