Support tickets onderhouden in Direct Admin

Being a reseller not only entails being able to manage other people’s accounts and sites. You must also be able to communicate effectively with the users under your network as well as your administrator and the server. To do that, you have to be familiar with the process of managing tickets.

This tutorial will give you a detailed guide on how to manage support tickets in DirectAdmin:

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1. Log in to Direct Admin as a reseller.

2. Click the “Manage Tickets” link to start managing your support tickets.

3. The link will redirect you to the support tickets main page where you can manage support tickets from your customers or users. You will also find the details of the messages sent to you in this page.

4. Click the subject of the message to read a particular ticket.

5. This will bring you to a page where you will find the body of the ticket that was submitted to you.

6. To start responding to the ticket, you first have to set the status of your reply.

7. Choose “closed” from the dropdown menu since you are sure that the answer you will be giving will satisfy your customer.

8. Below the status is the space where you will enter your reply to the ticket sent to you by the user.

9. Fill in the space by typing your answer to the user’s concerns.

10. Once you are done composing your message, click the “Save” button found at the bottom right corner of the page.

11. You now know how to answer tickets. You may now also start sending messages to your users. To begin, click the “Send Message” link found at the upper right portion of the page.

12. Start by sending a message to all the customers and users in your reseller plan.

13. To do this, choose the “All Users” option from the dropdown menu found on top of the Create Message form.

14. Choose a subject for your message.

15. Type in your subject in the appropriate space provided within the Create Message form .

16. You will also find a message box on the page. It is here where you will type the body of the message that you will be sending to your users.

17. You can set the priority of your message by choosing from the priority options found in the dropdown menu.

18. There are three message priorities that you can give to your message- low, medium and high.

19. Once you have decided on the message priority for your message, click your choice to give your message that priority.

20. Click the “Save” button found at the bottom right portion of the page to send your message.

21. Your message has now been sent to the email addresses of your users in Direct Admin.

22. Click the “Home” icon to go back to the Direct Admin main page.

23. Click the Message System link found at the upper right portion of the Direct Admin main page to access the System Messages.

24. Scroll down the System Messages main page. It is here where you can send messages to your administrator or to review messages sent to you by Admin or by the server.

25. Click a message to view its contents. Once you’re done reading the message, click on the “Home” icon to go back to the Direct Admin main page.

26. You have now learned how to manage support tickets in Direct Admin and review messages from your administrator of from the server.

27. Thank you for watching this tutorial on how to manage support tickets in Direct Admin. Be sure to contact us should you have any questions and concerns.

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