Domain user creeëren in Plesk

Knowing how to properly create and edit a domain user profile and permissions can help to maximize the advantage of the access and security features of the domain service. By setting the access level and limiting privileges on certain domain modules, the chances for the domain to be damaged due to security attacks are likewise limited depending on the level of permissions granted to these users. This kind of domain account management requires administrative and technical know-how to implement it.

The following step-by-step guide will lead you towards creating a domain account in Plesk:

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1. Sign in your user account in Plesk.

2. Scroll down the Plesk desktop and locate for the list of hosting accounts.

3. At the bottom of the page, you should see the list of different accounts among which you can choose who to allow access to Plesk. An example of a hosting account is

4. The screen should display the options inside the hosting account you have opened. The example file in the previous step is For this reason, you should see the at the top portion of the Plesk desktop. On the Domain panel, click on the icon referring to the Domain Administrator link.

5. The screen should display the page for the main properties page. This is the page you should open in order to allow your user an access to Plesk. Under the Domain Name, check on the small check box. This will allow domain administrator’s access to the host account.

6. Think of an access password for use of the person when he is accessing Plesk. You should note that the account username becomes the domain name.

7. Enter the new password on the space provided for.

8. Retype to confirm the new password you have just entered. Scroll down the bottom of the page.

9. On the Permissions panel, you can set the privileges that you wish to give to the person to whom you will be granting the permission to manage the Plesk account.

10. If you wish to grant the Physical Hosting Management, click on the check box opposite it.

11. If you wish to grant the Manage FTP password, click on the check box opposite it. Scroll down to see the rest of the permissions available for activation.

12. Click on the other check boxes opposite each of the permission you wish to grant to the user.

13. Scroll down.

14. On the Domain Administrator panel, supply the domain user’s details on the spaces provided for the required information.

15. Click on the Personal Name text box and type the corresponding Personal Name.

16. Click on the Address textbox and type the corresponding Address.

17. Click on the City text box and type the corresponding City.

18. Click on the State or Province text box and type the corresponding State or Province. Click on the Postal Code text box and supply the corresponding Postal Code.

19. Click on OK button when you have supplied all the required information.

20. The screen should return you to the main Domain page after clicking the OK button. By then, you have already set-up and configured the permissions for the account user.

21. If you wish to revert to the previous page to make some amend the information or add more, just hit the link to the Domain Administrator.

22. Enter the information that you wish to change or have missed to fill-in.

23. Once you have entered the changes or additional information, click on the OK button.

24. The screen will return to the main Domain page to indicate that the updates or changes to the Domain Administrator fields have been affected.

25. Click on the Home link found at the left panel of the Plesk desktop to return to the main page.

26. Thank you for taking your time reading and watching our step-by-step guide in creating an account user in a Plesk domain.

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