Backup maken en files herstellen in Plesk

Backing-up of files should be a regular routine as you create, edit or update important documents in your computer. There are already so many horrible stories of frustration where important files are lost during computer system crashes or virus attacks. In order to avoid this from happening, a storage separate from your computer is used to backup the computer files on a regular basis. This can be done using Plesk.

This step-by-step guide will teach you the easy way of backing-up and restoring files in Plesk:

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1. Log into Plesk desktop.

2. On the Domain panel, locate the Back-Up icon and click on it.

3. You should be directed to the main backup page or the Backup Manager. The Backup Manager is the page you have to open in order to start a backup task, restore backed-up files, or make a scheduled backup for later time.

4. It is recommended that you do a routine backup of your files. The first thing you might want to know is making a scheduled backup. On the Tools panel, there are three options: Backup Now; Scheduled Backup; and Refresh.

5. Click on the Scheduled Backup Icon to start setting a date for automatic backup.

6. On the Task panel, enter the time of day you want the backup to occur.

7. You can set the frequency of backup to occur. It can be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

8. Enter the number of files you wish to store in the repository.

9. By default, the box for the unlimited option is clicked. To set it anew, enter the preferred number of files and unclick the unlimited option box.

10. Supply the appropriate prefix for backup file names. For example, bak to represent backup.

11. During backups, errors may occur and you will want to be notified through email if such will happen. Fill-in the box for the email address for backup notifications.

12. Scroll down.

13. Click on the OK button when you have finished typing all the required information.

14. Go back to the Scheduled Backup by clicking on its icon.

15. The newly configured backup schedule must be enabled to make it run on the date and time you set. Click on the Enable icon found on the Tools panel.

16. To return to the backup main page, click on the Backup Manager link found at the upper portion of the Plesk desktop.

17. You should see again the three tool options in the Backup Manager. Click on the Backup Now icon to commence an instant account backup.

18. The screen will display the backup file name and comments. If everything is in order, click on the Backup Now icon at the bottom.

19. During the backup process, the elapsed time is displayed.

20. When the backup is finished, there is a notification on the screen of the file or domain that is backed up, creation date, file name, and size. Click on the OK button.

21. The screen will automatically return to the backup main page or the Backup Manager. You should see the backup file you have created at the bottom.

22. You can download the backup files to your computer. Scroll to the right and look for the download icon.

23. Click on the Download icon.

24. A window will appear asking if you wish to save the downloaded file or cancel the operation.

25. Click on the Save button to continue the download.

26. You will see the progress of the download process, estimated time left, download directory destination, and the transfer rate. You can choose to cancel the download or not do anything to continue the download. Do not click anything yet.

27. Once the download is completed, click on the Close button.

28. The screen returns to the backup main page to indicate that the backup has been saved to your computer. If you wish to restore a previously made backup, click on the corresponding backup file. If the backup file you wish to restore is located on your computer, click on the Add New File link to upload it first. You can return to the Plesk home page by clicking the home icon found at the left panel of the Plesk desktop.

29. You have completed the tutorial. At this stage, you should be ready to make your own account or files backup, set a future backup, and re-launch saved backups to your account.

30. Thank you for watching and reading the demo on how to backup and restore files in Plesk.

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