Klanten wachtwoord veranderen in Plesk

Even the most developed systems and software programs stand the risk of being infiltrated, infected, or hacked by malicious persons and programs which are capable of destroying and ruining your business and your entire network. It is always for your benefit and the benefit of your customers to periodically change passwords to be fully secure from such situations. Plesk, due to its popularity, is one of those that are routinely attacked.

The tutorial below will show you how to change a customer’s Plesk password:

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1. Login to your Plesk system.

2. Now let’s learn how to change a customer’s Plesk password. Scroll your screen down.

3. Start by clicking the customer’s domain name found in the Domain Name list.

4. You will be taken to the Domain page for that customer’s domain name. Click on the icon that says “Domain Administrator”.

5. You will be then taken to a page that says “Edit the properties of domain administrator’s account”.

6. Go ahead and type in the new Plesk password in the field that says “New password”.

7. Then, re-enter that new password in the field that says “Confirm password”. Next, scroll you r screen down again.

8. Click on the button found at the bottom of the page that says “OK” when you are finished.

9. That’s it. The password your customer uses to log in to Plesk has now been changed. Click on the “Home” link to return to the Main page.
(Do not forget to inform the customer of the new password you have created for her.)

10. This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to change your customer’s Plesk password.
(For security reasons, you should always remind your customers that it is a good idea to change their passwords often.)

11. Thank you for watching our tutorial. Leave us comments, questions, and suggestions below!

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