Skeleton files in Plesk veranderen

Skeleton files and directories are files and directories that are automatically installed whenever you create a new account. You will know if a certain file or directory is a skeleton file if they have top level directories such as:

• httpdocs
• httpsdocs
• cgi-bin
• anon-ftp
• error-docs

Including files inside the directories is also applicable. For example, putting a custom index.html page in httpdocs directory will automatically display in a hosting account until the customer replaces it with their own.

Follow the steps and video tutorial below in order to change your skeleton files in Plesk:

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1. Login to Plesk.

2. To change the skeleton files in Plesk, click the Skeleton icon under the Tools section on the homepage.

3. You will be directed to the Virtual host skeleton management page. It is where you can manage your skeleton files and directories. Scroll down to view the skeleton directories that exist in your account.

4. Click a folder icon or the folder link to view what files are in the directory.

5. Scroll down to further view the different sub-directories and files inside the skeleton directory. An index.html page is also included in it. To return to the main skeleton page, click the icon with an upward arrow on it.

6. You have to create a desired customized directory in your local computer then place them in desired directories and packing them as *.tar, *.tgz, *.tar.gz or *.zip archive file in order for you to upload them in your Virtual host skeleton management page. Use the Browse tool to locate the zipped file on your computer, and then click Send File to upload the newly-created skeleton file to Plesk. If you wish to return to the previous skeleton settings, just click the Default button.

7. Click the Home link to go back to the main page.

8. This is the end of demo. You now know how to manage skeleton files and directories in Plesk and have learned what these files are used for.

9. Thank you for watching the tutorial, please leave any questions and comments below.

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