Configuratiescherm skins veranderen in Plesk

Aesthetics plays a big part in making working in front of a computer less tedious. One now has more choices with the type of panel skin on would like to use. Panel skins not only reflect the user’s personality, but it also helps increase the ease of use and lessen eye strain. This is because it can now be customized to the users own level of comfort in terms of color, lay-out, and icon design.

The tutorial below will show you how to change your Control Panel skins from within Plesk:

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1. Login to Plesk.

2. From the Domain group, click on the icon that says “Domain Administrator”.

3. This will lead you to the Domain Administrators page where you can change the way Plesk looks by changing the Interface Skin.

4. Scroll the screen down.

5. When you see the box that says “Domain administrator’s interface skin”, click on the drop-down arrow and choose the new interface skin that you would want to use.

6. Now scroll down again.

7. Click on the button that says “OK”.

8. Now you can see that Plesk has changed its looks, colors, and icon but not, in any way, has it changed the way it works. If you want to bring it back the way it was, just click on the icon that says “Domain Administrator” again.

9. Scroll back down.

10. Click on the drop-down arrow of the “Domain administrator’s interface skin”.

11. And choose the previous setting.

12. Scroll down.

13. Click on the button that says “OK” when you are finished.

14. That’s it, the skin has been changed back to the way it was. This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to change your Control Panel skin in Plesk.

15. Thank you for watching our demo.

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