Zelfgemaakte button creeëren in Plesk

Creating custom buttons for your control panel or for your customers’ use is just easy. Simply follow these steps:

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1. Login to your Plesk account.

2. Click the “Custom Buttons” in the Plesk domain administration page.

3. Then click “Add New Button.” You will then be directed to a page where you can setup your custom buttons in Plesk either for your own control panel or for your customers. In the same page, you can also create buttons as quick links to commonly visited URLs.

4. To continue adding custom buttons to your Plesk control panel, first enter the new button’s label in the field “Button Label.”

5. Then select from the “Location” drop-down menu.

6. You can choose the new button to appear in either the “Domain Owner’s Desktop/Home page” or the “Navigation panel.”

7. Next, key in the priority level value. The priority level is how you control the order in which the new button is displayed. This is helpful if you have more than one custom button. For the custom button with the smaller priority number will be shown first. Then it will be followed by the other buttons in ascending order.

8. If you have designed a graphic custom button for this link, you can browse and upload it using the browse tool in the “Background image” field.

9. If you do not have any custom graphic, the standard button image will be used by the system.

10. Then, enter the URL that the user will be directed to after clicking your custom button in the text field labeled “URL.”

11. After you have finished step 9, scroll down and locate the “Context help tip contents.” This is the text that will appear in the “Help” window whenever a user hovers over your custom button.

12. If you want the button available to your customers, simply tick the “Visible to all sub-logins” option.

13. When you are done entering all the necessary configurations, click the “OK” button. A notice will then appear shortly onscreen stating that a new custom button has been created.

14. To test whether your new custom button has been set, click “Home” to return to the main page. This link is located at the leftmost corner of your screen.

15. The “Domain Administration” panel will then appear shortly. Scroll down and locate the “Custom buttons” section.

16. The name of your custom button should appear in this section if you have set it up successfully.

17. You will also notice that the custom help note will be displayed in the leftmost corner of your panel whenever you hover over the new button.

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