Subdomain creeëren in Plesk

A subdomain is a term used for referring to domains at the third level which are used for the organization of contents in a certain website. They are similar to folders which are usually found in a computer systems root directory. However, a user would need to use a special URL to be able to gain access to a subdomain.

Plesk is one of the most reliable programs to use when it comes to web server management, and one of the features it can offer to users is the capability to create a subdomain.

This step-by-step guide is made for the purpose of teaching users on how to create a subdomain in their Plesk account:

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1. Login to your Plesk account.

2. Scroll down.

3. Click the “Subdomains” icon.

4. As you can see in the page where you are directed, there are still currently no subdomains in your account. Click the “Add New Subdomain” icon.

5. Enter a name or domain prefix for the new subdomain in the “Subdomain” text box.

If you want a different user to have access only to this subdomain, and not your main account, select the option below which says “Create a separate FTP user account for this subdomain” and enter new FTP login and password details.

However, for this tutorial, just leave the login information for the new subdomain the same as for the main account.

6. Scroll down.

7. Choose the services you wish to grant for the new subdomain. The available choices are (1) Apache ASP support, (2) SSI support, (3) PHP support, (4) CGI support, (5) mod_perl support, (6) mod_python support, and (7) ColdFusion support (which are currently not installed).

8. Select both the “PHP support” and “CGI support.”

9. Click the “OK” button when finished.

10. You have now created a new subdomain. Scroll down.

11. You can either add or delete existing subdomains. Select the box beside the name of the subdomain you wish to delete.

12. Click the “Remove Selected” link above.

13. Confirm the removal by selecting the “Confirm Removal” option.

14. Click the “OK” button when finished.

15. You may return to the Plesk home page by clicking the “Home” icon at the upper left of the page.

16. You now know how to create a subdomain in Plesk.

17. Thank you for going through our step-by-step guide. If you are still confused, please refer to the video version of this tutorial.

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