Auto-beantwoorder creeëren in Plesk

An Autoresponder is a pre-programmed routine email response designed to automatically send replies or updates to product inquiries or regular clients. This powerful marketing tool is a great help to many business owners in promptly attending to information requests, providing relevant news, and gathering of customer feedbacks or complaints. The Autoresponder message may vary depending on the nature of the routine reply a business owner has in mind. It can be a simple out-of-office notification, a standard product catalog or newsletter.

The tutorial below will tell you how to create an Autoresponder in Plesk:

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1. Log into the Plesk desktop.

2. On the Plesk screen, locate for the Mail icon and click on it.

3. On the Mail screen, scroll down and look for the email address that you want to convert into an Autoresponder.

4. Click on the chosen email address. You will be prompted to a new screen to start the set-up of your Autoresponder.

5. When the Tools panel displays, click on the Autoresponders icon.

6. Click on the Add New Autoresponders icon. The upper part of the screen will display the email address that is being turned into an Autoresponder email.

7. On the Preferences panel, enter a brief name for the Autoresponder file for easy reference. It is recommended that the Autoresponder name should be relevant and descriptive of the message. For example, Product Information Request.

8. If you want a copy of the original email sent, supply the preferred email address to which it will be sent.

9. Scroll down.

10. By default, the subject of the incoming email will be inserted as the email subject in the Autoresponder reply. You may customize the subject if it will be more appropriate to the nature of the outgoing reply.

11. You may want to direct and segregate the email replies from your clients. To do this, you have to enter an email address on the Return Address where such replies will be directed to.

12. Scroll down.

13. Click on the Autoresponder message window to commence typing of the text.

14. Type the message that you wish to send to your clients.

15. Should you wish to add an attachment to your Autoresponder, click on the Add New Attachment button.

16. The list at the bottom will show if there are any ready files ready as attachment. If there are no files yet, you have to create a new attachment. Click on the Browse button on the Upload File panel.

17. Select the file that you wish to attach to the Autoresponder

18. Click Open.

19. Click Send File.

20. On the Attachment Files screen and just below the Files panel, you should be able to see the file that you have just chosen as an available attachment. But note that it is not yet attached to the Autoresponder file. Scroll down.

21. To attach the file to the Autoresponder, click on the box beside the attachment.

22. Click OK.

23. You will see an updated screen showing the Autoresponder request for the email address you have indicated. Scroll down and click OK to save the newly configured Autoresponder.

24. At the upper portion, you should be able to see a notification that the new Autoresponder has already been configured and updated.

25. Take note that although the Autoresponder request has already been saved, it is not yet enabled. Scroll down.

26. Locate the Autoresponder file you want to enable and click on the box beside it.

27. Click on the Enable icon on the Tools panel.

28. With that, your Autoresponder is already activated.

29. The email address is now ready to receive and respond as an Autoresponder. Click on the Home icon to return to the main page.

30. Thank you for watching and reading this step-by-step guide on creating an Autoresponder in Plesk.

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