E-mail fowarder (doorschakeling) creeëren in Plesk

An email forwarder basically enables an email message sent to a certain email address to be re-sent or forwarded to one or several other email address. It can also be used to re-send groups of messages. Some people use an email forwarder if they want to keep their main email private or when they are regularly sending and receiving sensitive information, others use it because of the convenience it provides especially when constantly change ISPs.

The tutorial below will show you how to create an email forwarder from within Plesk:

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1. Login to your Plesk control panel.

2. Select the icon that says “Mail”.

3. This will lead you to the mail names page for your domain. Now scroll your screen down.

4. Look for the Mail Names list then click on the email address you would like forwarded.

5. This will lead you to a new page and from the Tools group, click on the icon that says “Redirect”.

6. In the Redirect page, click on the check box that says “Redirect”.

7. Then in the box labeled “Redirect Address”, enter the email address where you want the email messages redirected or forwarded to.

8. Click on the icon found just below the Redirect address box that says “OK”.

9. That’s it. The new email forwarder has been set up so that emails sent to the previous email address will now be automatically forwarded to the new email address. Now click on the icon that says “Home” to return to the Main Menu.

10. This is the end of the demo. You now know how to set up new email forwarders or redirects from within Plesk. You can always return to this page if you want to set up more email forwarders.

11. Thank you for watching our tutorial.

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