Zelfgemaakte buttons creeëren in Plesk voor herverkopers

Custom buttons are one of the things which make a web server management software customizable and can be tweaked according to the user’s preferences. This does not only help improve the interface but can also add in other options and functions which the user might need.

Plesk is pleased to offer their users this option of creating custom buttons in their accounts. The step-by-step tutorial below will help you learn how to do so.

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1. Login to your account in Plesk.

2. Scroll down.

3. You will find the “Additional Tools” category below.

4. Click the “Custom Buttons” icon.

5. Once in the “Custom buttons” page, click on the “Create Custom Button” icon.

6. You will be directed to the page where you can set up your own custom buttons in Plesk; buttons which can be used in your own Plesk control panel and/or for your customers. The custom buttons act as quick links to other commonly visited URLs.

     Add a new custom button to your control panel and specify the label by typing in the text box opposite “Button label.”

7. Next, click on the drop down arrow in the drop down menu opposite the “Location.”

8. You can choose to have the new button displayed in the “domain’s owner” homepage, the “client’s” homepage, or on your control panel home or “navigation pane.”

9. For this tutorial, select “Reseller’s Home page” from the drop down menu.

10. Specify the URL a user will be directed to after clicking the new custom button by typing in the “URL” text box.

11. After doing so, scroll down.

12. You will see other options under the “URL” option.

13. Scroll down to enter the text that will be displayed in the “help window” after a user hovers over the new custom button.

14. Select the “Visible to all sub-logins” if you want the new button available to all your customers.

15. Click the “Finish” button when you are done.

16. You have now successfully created a new custom button. Click the “Home” link to see how your new button looks like.

17. Scroll down.

18. You will be able to find a category which says “Custom Buttons.”

19. You will be able to find your new custom button under that category.

20. You now know how to create a new custom button in Plesk which you can display and make available for yourself and to your customers as well.

21. Thank you for going through our tutorial. The video demo above will show you a visual guide of the same tutorial.

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