Frontpage subwebs creeëren in Plesk

A “subweb” is a sub-directory or folder within your hosting account where a completely separate website can reside. “Subwebs” can be set up with “separate permissions” from the parent web, so that you can have different people managing or maintaining these “subwebs” and using their own usernames and passwords to access the “subwebs.” Even though the latter users have gained full access to the “subwebs,” the may not be able to access the parent web if desired.

Follow these steps below to learn how to create frontpage subwebs in Plesk:

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1. Login to your Plesk account.

2. In your main control panel, scroll down and locate the “Hosting” section.

3. Then click the “FP (Frontpage) Webadmin” icon.

4. The link will then direct you to the main Frontpage Admin page. In this page, you can manage your Frontpage “users,” user “roles” and “subwebs.”

5. In the same page, scroll down and locate the “Subwebs” section.

6. Click the “Create subweb” link in the latter section. You will then be directed to the “Create a Subweb” page. This is the page where you can create “subwebs” in your parent web.

7. Enter the “new subweb’s name” in the text field provided. Note that the name that you put in this field will be the name of your sub-directory or folder.

8. Then, choose the “permissions” option. If you want the user to access the “subweb” with the same permissions as in the parent web, tick the first option. Otherwise, tick the second option to give the user unique permissions.

9. If you have selected the second option, enter the desired username in the “Administrator” field.

10. Then key in the “Password” twice in the proceeding fields. You have to enter the password twice to ensure that no spelling error is committed.

11. Click the “Submit” button when you are done with the previous steps.

12. You will again be directed to the Frontpage Admin page. Scroll down and locate the “Subwebs” section. If you successfully setup your “subweb,” its name and URL will be listed in this section.

13. To further check, click the “subweb” you just created.

14. A prompt or login menu should appear shortly onscreen. Enter the administrator username and password of the subweb you just created.

15. Click the “OK” button when you are done entering information in the required fields.

16. You will then be directed to the main “FP Webadmin” page for the “subweb” that you just created. In this page, you can manage and create users that can access the subweb.

17. After you are done creating additional users, just close the current window so you can return to the Plesk main window.

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