Hosting account aanmaken in Plesk voor herverkopers

Plesk is undeniably one of the most reliable and one of the most secure software nowadays when it comes to server management; therefore making it very widely used in web hosting businesses because of the ease it gives its users in server management. It allows users to control everything in their web hosting businesses from removing or adding accounts to administering and managing MySQL databases. Also, it has a very easy to understand interface which can help new resellers who do not even possess the knowledge of complex databases and other related stuff. Plesk server administrators also have the capability of setting up new websites for the hosting business; set up new email accounts not just for themselves, but for their clients and new users; and created DNS entries using a full web-based interface. Lastly, the server administrator also has the capability of creating site and client templates. Surely these features cannot be ignored as doing so can already make a reseller manage his or her web hosting business effectively and efficiently.

This step-by-step guide will be able to guide resellers on how to create new hosting accounts in Plesk:

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1. Log in to Plesk as a “reseller.”

2. Search and click on the “Domains” icon.

3. Once in the “Domains” page, click on the “Create Domain” icon which can be found directly under the word “Domains.”

4. In the “Create Domain” page, select the “www” box opposite the “Domain name.”

5. Beside the “www” box is a text field. Type in the domain name for this new hosting account. For an example, type “” in the text field.

6. Now let’s choose a pre-defined “hosting template” in the drop down menu opposite the “Use domain template settings” option.

7. Click on the drop down arrow.

8. Select “Basic Plan.”

9. After doing so, scroll down.

10. You can specify the “FTP login” and “password” in the next category “Hosting Settings.”

11. In the “Login” text field, type in “user 12345” as an example.

12. In the “Password” text field, type in your preferred password. Confirm you password by typing it again in the “Confirm password” text field below.

13. Click the “Finish” button when done.

14. The new hosting account has been set up.

15. Scroll down to check the limits specified in the hosting template that you have chosen.

16. Scroll down once more to find more information on the limits specified.

17. When done, click the “Finish” button.

18. Click on the “Home” link found on the upper left of the screen to return to the main page.

19. You now know how to create a new hosting account in Plesk and use domain template settings while setting up a new hosting account.

20. Thank you for reading our guide. The video demo above will give you a visual presentation of the guide.

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