Hosting account report genereren in Plesk

A hosting account comprises different resources such as bandwidth (or traffic), disk space, databases, mailboxes, mailings lists, redirects, Java applications that are included in the account and domains. Knowing your account’s limits is crucial in order for your account to function properly and for your website to be accessible via the World Wide Web. In Plesk, there is feature where you can view the over-all information about your account when it comes to the account’s resources, check the detailed information about the whole account and also the information in every domain within the account and generate a report to be automatically sent to you by email.

To learn how to generate a hosting account report in Plesk, the instructions below will guide you:

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1. Login to your Plesk account.

2. The Plesk homepage will be shown. To learn how to generate a hosting account report, click the Report icon on the Tools section of the Plesk homepage.

3. On the Report drop-down box, there are two reports to choose from:

     • Summary Report
     • Full Report

4. Both reports will give you an overview of your website’s resource usages and show you how much of your account’s resource limits you’re using.

5. Scroll down to see other information about the account.

6. Scroll down to see the report of how many domains are in the account, the total disk space used by the domains, the traffic, mailboxes, and many other resources such as Redirects, Web users and databases.

7. Scroll back up.

8. Scroll over to the right if you wish to have a Report delivery email sent to you by entering an email address on the box and clicking the Send By E-mail link.

9. Scroll back to the left to check out the Report Delivery section.

10. Click the Report Delivery icon.

11. Click Add Schedule on the Delivery Schedules for Summary Report page.

12. On the next page, which is the Delivery Schedule Properties, you can schedule a report of your statistics to be emailed to you automatically. Click the Deliver to drop-down box.

13. Select [the email address I specify] option from the drop-down box.

14. Click the Delivery Frequency drop-down box.

15. Select the desired time you want the report to be sent to you.

16. Click the OK button when you’re finished.

17. The automatic report emailing has been successfully setup and on the next page shown, you can see the delivery schedule of the Delivery report. To delete an existing automatic report delivery, select the scheduled delivery report by ticking the box next to it.

18. Then click the Remove Selected link.

19. You will then be asked to confirm if you want to remove or delete the report delivery schedule. Just tick the box beside Confirm removal to delete it.

20. Click OK when you’re done.

21. To go back to the Reports main page, click the Report link.

22. To view the Traffic History, click the Traffic History icon.

23. You will then be directed to the Traffic History page where it shows how much the over-all bandwidth or traffic has been used by the account in each of the previous months. Click the account name link to go back to the Plesk home page.

24. Scroll right to take a look at the Traffic Tool.

25. Click the Traffic icon.

26. On the page shown, you will be able to see all of the Traffic information of each account, their limits and how much is still available for each account. To check out the information for the previous months, click the Traffic by Domain drop-down box.

27. Select a month on the drop-down box.

28. To view the detailed traffic report for a specific domain in your account, click the domain name link.

29. Click Home to return to the Plesk main page.

30. This is the end of tutorial. You now know how to generate hosting account reports in Plesk, how to use the report delivery via email and how to view the detailed traffic or bandwidth reports for each of the domains under your account.

31. Thank you for watching the demo. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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