SSL certificaat installeren in Plesk

SSL Certificates are small sized files or data which bind some kind of a cryptographic key to a company or organization’s information and details. When it gets successfully installed and used in a web server, it has the capability of activating padlocks and https which allow connections from the web server to a particular browser in a secure manner. The SSL is essential in executing secure transactions for credit card transfers, data transfers, secure logins, and can now even be used to securely login to social networking websites.

For users of the Plesk web server management program, being able to install or create SSL certificates would be a huge advantage into making their accounts more secure against unauthorized logins.

The following step-by-step guide teaches Plesk users on how to install an SSL certificate:

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1. Login to your Plesk account start learning how to install an SSL certificate in Plesk.

Remember that an SSL certificate is essential in collecting data from web visitors securely. These data can range from credit card numbers to order forms.

2. Click the “Certificates” icon.

3. Once in the “Certificates” page, you will notice that there are no SSL certificates installed for your account. Click the “Add New Certificate” icon to create a new certificate.

4. In the “Certificate” text box, enter a name for the new certificate.

5. Then complete the following preferences fields as they pertain to you.

6. In the “State or province” text box, type in your state of residence.

7. In the “Location (City)” text box, type in the city where you are currently staying.

8. In the “Organization name (Company)” text box, type in the name of the organization or company where you are employed.

9. Scroll down and click the “Request” button when finished.

10. To view the certificate request you have just made, scroll down.

11. Click on the name of the certificate.

12. Here you will see the details of the certificate. To view more, scroll down.

13. You will see the categories “Upload certificate files” and “Upload certificate as text.”

14. Scroll down to see the certificate request and private key. These requests should be copied and should be used on your SSL certificate vendor’s order form when purchasing your certificate.

15. Scroll back up a little.

16. Paste the SSL certificate in the “Certificate” text box and click “Send Text” button below to install it. After doing so, you may click “Home” to return to the home page.

17. You now know how to generate a certificate request and install a SSL certificate once you’ve purchased one.

18. Thank you for reading this tutorial. The video demo above will show you a visualized guide on doing these steps.

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