Frontpage gebruikers onderhouden in Plesk

Knowing how to manage your “Frontpage” users is an essential task for you especially if you plan to create “subwebs” or ask other users to help you manage your sites.

This article will show you how to manage your users. Just follow the step-by-step process:

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1. Login to your Plesk account.

2. In the main control panel, scroll down to the “Hosting” section.

3. Then click the “FP (Frontpage) Webadmin” icon.

4. You will then be directed to the main Frontpage Admin page where you can manage your Frontpage “users,” user “roles” and “subwebs.” In the same page, scroll down and locate the “Users and Roles” section.

5. Then click the “Manage users” link under this section.

6. The “Manage Users” page should appear shortly. In this page, you will see a default user set up for “Frontpage” with administrator privileges. You can opt to remove this user or modify it according to your preferences.

7. To add another user, click the “Add a user” link.

8. The “Add a User” should load onscreen. Scroll down to the “User” section.

9. Enter the desired “username” and “password” for this new user.

10. Then, select this user’s role from the four options provided. The “user role” is the level of access of any user. Make sure you tick the appropriate permissions for the user you are creating.

11. If you wish the user to be able to view, add and modify the server content and manage the server settings and accounts, select “administrator” role.

12. If you only want this user to be able to add, view and change the pages, documents, themes, borders and recalculate hyperlinks, choose the “Advanced author” option.

13. On the other hand, if you want to provide your new user an “Author” access just tick the third option. The “Author” access will only allow the user you are creating be able to view, add and change the pages and documents.

14. If you only wish the new user browsing or viewing privileges to pages and documents, choose the “Browser” option.

15. After selecting the permissions for this new user, click the “Add User” to continue. If you have successfully created the new user, it should then be listed in the main “Frontpage Users” page.

16. In the same page, you can manage or modify any user’s properties like changing the password, username or user roles by just clicking the username that you wish to change.

17. You can also delete users in this page by just selecting the username and clicking the “Delete selected user(s)” link. A confirmation pop-up menu will then appear to check if you really wish to delete the selected user.

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