Web user instellen in Plesk

One of the features of Plesk is that it allows users to setup new web users from within their account.
Web users are people who have access to a particular directory in your hosting account. One of the results of creating a new web user is that it also creates a new directory within your account.

This step-by-step guide will help you to know how to setup a web user in your plesk account:

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1. The first step would be to login to your Plesk account.

2. Scroll down.

3. Click the “Web Users” icon.

4. Currently, there are no web users in this account so start creating one by clicking the “Add New Web User” icon.

5. Enter a username for the new web user in the “Web user name” text box. Note that this will also be the name of the new director that will be created.

6. After entering a username, enter and confirm a password in the corresponding text boxes below.

7. You may enter a disk quota for this web user if you wish, and select various support features to include.

8. Start by selecting the box opposite “SSI support.”

9. Select the box opposite “PHP support.”

10. Also select the box opposite “CGI support.”

11. When done, scroll down.

12. Click the “OK” button when done.

13. You now have successfully created a new user.

14. From this point onwards, you may be able to select existing users to change their password, delete selected users by selecting them and clicking the “Remove Selected” option above, or create additional web users by clicking on the “Add New Web User” icon once again.

15. For this tutorial, delete the web user that you have just created by selecting it and by clicking the “Remove Selected” option above.

16. Click the “Confirm removal” option.

17. Click the “OK” button to remove the web user.

18. The web user has now been deleted. You may return to the main page by clicking “Home” found at the upper left of the page.

19. You now know how to setup a web user and how to delete them from your account. Remember that you may create as many web users in your account as you want.

20. Thank you for taking the time to go through this guide. The video above shows an animated tutorial of this guide to further help you visualize the steps clearly.

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