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Plesk is comprehensive software developed particularly for server management and is of great use to the industry of business hosting. It is also widely used by people who are professionals at web hosting. Its control panel has one of the most award winning interfaces which provide users with easy access and functionality. One good feature of Plesk is that you can set up scripts to automatically run on their own at a specified later date or time. This can be done by setting up crons through Plesk’s CronTab option.

To learn how to use CronTabs, refer to the following tutorial for a step-by-step guide:

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1. Log in to your Plesk account.

2. To start learning how to use CronTab in Plesk, first scroll down the page.

Remember that a Cron is a system command that you can schedule to occur at a specified later date or time and allows you to automatically run commands.

3. Locate the icon which says “Crontab.” It should be a little further to the right.

4. Click the “Crontab” icon.

5. In the field which says “Send Crontab messages to address,” you can set here the email addresses where you want the results of cron runs sent upon completion.

6. Click on the text box beside it and type the email address.

7. Scroll to the right and click the “Set” button to set the email address.

8. Now let’s add a cron. Click the “Add New Task” icon found above the Preferences section.

9. Once in the “Add New Task” page, scroll down.

10. Under the “Task” category, you can find different text boxes which allow you to set the parameters of the cron. Note that you can enter and asterisk (*) symbol to select all.

11. Type “0” in the “Minute” text box.

12. Type “9” in the “Hour” text box.

13. Type the asterisk (*) symbol in the “Day of the Month” text box.

14. Type the asterisk (*) symbol in the “Month” text box, specifically on the “Enter the value” text box.

15. Type another asterisk (*) in the text box under “Day of the Week,” specifically in the “Enter the value” text box.

16. In the text box beside “Command,” enter the path of the script you wish to run. For an example, type in “/user/bin/test_script.cgi”.

In this case, you have just set up a Cron to run the “test_script.cgi” “every morning” at “9:00 am.”
Click the “OK” button to confirm your settings.

17. After clicking the “OK” button, scroll down.

18. The Cron has now been set up and can be seen under the “Tasks” category. You can either click on the Cron to select or delete it. Click on the checkbox beside the Cron to select it.

19. Click on the link which says “Remove Selected” directly under the word “Tasks.”

20. Be sure to confirm that you want to delete the Cron before clicking the “OK” button.

21. To confirm, click on the checkbox beside “Confirm removal.”

22. Click the “OK” button to delete. Click “Home” on the upper left side of the page to return to the main page.

23. You now know how to use Crontab to automatically run scripts in your account. Remember that you can always return to Crontab to setup additional crons.

24. Thank you for referring to this guide. The demo video above can help you to further understand this guide by presenting you with visual aids.

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