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A File Manager is computer program that handles files. There are quite a number of operations that can be done when using a File Manager; you can upload files, create new folders, delete files, rename folders or files and change the permission settings of the files or folders. It is almost the same as an FTP or File Transfer Protocol that is mainly used in web hosting because they also provide network connectivity to the server which will then send it to the website. Its main feature is that it is responsible in transferring or exchanging files over the internet. With FTP, you can either download or upload a file to a server. If you currently do not have an FTP program, Plesk has a built-in File Manager that can let you do what an FTP does.

If you wish to learn how to use the File Manager in Plesk, the instructions below will teach you how:

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1. Log in to your Plesk account.

2. The Plesk homepage is now shown. To learn how to use the file manager in Plesk, scroll down.

3. Click the File Manager icon on the Hosting category of the page.

4. You will now be directed to the File Manager page. On this page, you can upload files to your account, rename, delete or change their permissions, create new folders and many other functions. Scroll down and you will be able to see your website files that are located in your httpdocs folder.

5. To check out the httpdocs folder, click the folder icon named httpdocs.

6. You will now be able to see the different files and folders located within the httpdocs folder. To create a new folder, click the Add New Directory link.

7. Enter a Directory name for the new directory on the box.

8. Click OK when you’re finished.

9. The new directory has been successfully created and you should be able to see it. To go back to the parent directory, httpdocs, just click on the folder icon with an arrow on it.

10. You will now be able to see the directory that you have just created in the httpdocs folder. To rename the directory, scroll down.

11. Click the rename button. It is the icon besides the Permissions category.

12. Enter a new name for the directory.

13. Click OK when you’re done.

14. Scroll down and you will be able to see that the previous directory has been renamed.

15. To delete the directory that you have just created, tick the box beside the directory name.

16. Then click the Remove Selected link.

17. Tick the box beside Confirm removal to confirm that you really want to delete the directory.

18. Click OK when you’re done. The directory has been deleted.

19. Let’s learn how to upload a file to the hosting account. For example, if we want to upload a CGI file to the cgi-bin directory, click the folder icon with an arrow on it to move up to the parent directory.

20. Click the cgi-bin directory.

21. Click the Create a New File/Add New File link.

22. Locate the file that you wish to be uploaded by clicking the Browse button.

23. Select the file.

24. Click Open.

25. Click OK to upload the file. The file has been successfully uploaded to the hosting account.

26. To change the permissions of the file, scroll right.

27. Click the Permissions link.

28. Enter the new permissions by selecting the appropriate check boxes. Select Execute/search mode that is across Owner.

29. Select the Execute/search mode across Group.

30. Select Execute/search mode across Other.

31. Then click the OK button when you’re done. The permissions have been updated.

32. To learn how to delete the file from the hosting account, tick the box beside the file name that has been previously uploaded.

33. Click Remove Selected link.

34. Confirm the removal by ticking the box beside Confirm removal.

35. Click OK. The file has been removed from the hosting account.

36. Click Home to return to the main page.

37. End of demo. You should now be more familiar with using the File Manager in Plesk.

38. Thank you for watching the tutorial, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

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