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Many businesses often rely on their websites for the purpose of marketing their brand and to possibly generate profits from it especially if the website is promoting their products or selling their products through the website. Website Analytics, or simply put, the analysis of how a website is doing, is a helpful tool in a website that is being used as a marketing research tool. Basically, it tracks every online activity of a website and is an important marketing research tool for businesses. By using a website analytics tools, a business can detect the number of visitors the website is having, the countries where the website has been visited, the number of comments the website gets, how many Referrers or the links that led a visitor to the website, what are the pages of the website that your visitor often visits and the duration or how long a visitor checks out the website. Through this tool, it helps a business to do a market research and know where they can improve their business more.

If you want to learn how to use the Website Statistics feature in Plesk, read the instructions below:

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1. Login to your Plesk account.

2. The Plesk homepage is now shown. To learn how to view the website’s usage statistics in Plesk, click the Report icon under the Domain category.

3. On the next page, click the Web Stats icon.

4. You will now be able to see the main page of the Webalizer Stats page. Scroll down.

5. To view more detailed statistics about the website’s usage, click the month for which you wish to view the statistics.

6. You will now be able to see the summary stats page for the chosen month. For more detailed statistics, select from the available links.

7. Click the [Daily Statistics] link if you wish to see the detailed view of the daily statistics.

8. Click the [Referrers] link to view the Referrers or the links that led to your website.

9. Click the [Countries] link to view the countries where your website was viewed.

10. Return to Plesk statistics page.

11. If you wish to view the FTP statistics, you can also do it in Plesk by clicking the FTP Stats icon.

12. Scroll right.

13. If you wish to view the Traffic History, click the Traffic History link.

14. Click the Traffic icon.

15. You will now be able to see the summary of all the traffic for the domain for a specific month by clicking the drop-down box of Traffic by service.

16. Select the month on the drop-down box.

17. To return to the Report page, click the report link.

18. Click the Report Delivery icon.

19. Click Add Delivery Schedule.

20. You will now be able to see the delivery Schedule Properties page. In here, you can schedule a report of the website statistics to be emailed to you automatically.

21. Click the Deliver to drop-down box.

22. On the drop-down box options, select [the email address I specify] option.

23. Enter an email address on the box.

24. Click the Deliver frequency drop-down box.

25. Select the time that you wish to have the report be emailed to you.

26. Click OK when you’re finished. The delivery schedules for the delivery report have been successfully setup.

27. To delete the delivery schedule that we have just setup, tick the box beside the schedule.

28. Click the Remove Selected link.

29. Tick the box beside Confirm removal to confirm the removal of the report schedule.

30. Click OK when you’re done. We’ve successfully deleted the website statistics delivery schedule.

31. Click Home to return to the Plesk homepage.

32. End of the tutorial. You now know how to access your website statistics in Plesk and how to schedule email reports of the website statistics.

33. Thank you for watching the demo. If you have any questions, be sure to let us know.

One of the features of Plesk is that it has a website usage statistics where basically, it provides the analysis of the website’s statistics. Plesk has a website statistics report feature where you can easily set a specified time where you want the generated report of the website statistics to be sent automatically to your email address.

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