Onderhouden van MySQL database met PHPMyAdmin in Plesk

Plesk has the “PHPmyAdmin” utility that provides users a wide range of operations in managing their “MySQL.” With this tool, users can manage databases, tables, indexes, relations, fields, users, permissions and a lot more.

To use this tool in Plesk, simply follow these steps:

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1. Login to your Plesk account.

2. In your Plesk control panel, click the “Databases” link under the “Services” section.

3. The main “Databases” page should appear onscreen. This is the same page that you need to visit whenever you want to manage databases in your Plesk account.

4. To manage a specific database, first click its name on the list. Database tools should then appear shortly.

5. Click on the “DB WebAdmin” tool icon to enter the “PHPmyAdmin.”

6. You will then be directed to the “PHPmyAdmin” main page where you can manage your “MySQL Databases.”

7. Click on the name of the “MySQL Database” that you wish to manage at the left column.

8. Upon loading, a tool should appear shortly, providing you options of creating or adding new tables to your database. Just skip this part by clicking the “SQL” link.

9. Then, import an existing table by clicking the “Browse” button.

10. Choose the filename that contains the table that you wish to import and select the “Open” button to access it.

11. Click the “Go” button to proceed with the previous actions.

12. A short notice should then appear onscreen stating that the SQL query has been executed if you have successfully imported the recently selected table.

13. To export this table, click the “Export” tab at the uppermost corner of the right column. Then scroll down and select the “Save as file” check box.

14. Then click “Go” to continue with the recently selected actions.

15. Select the location or folder where you wish the table to be exported to and click the “OK” button when you are done.

16. You have successfully saved the recently exported table if the file appears in the location or folder that you recently provided.

17. If at any time you need help with using the “PHPMyAdmin” or “MySQL,” simply click the “?” or the “SQL” icons at the uppermost part of the left column. Clicking these icons would pull up help guides that can come handy whenever you are managing your “MySQL” databases with “PHPmyAdmin” in Plesk.

18. If you are done managing you “MySQL” database, you can return to the main “PHPmyAdmin” page by clicking the home icon at the uppermost part of the left column.

19. You can also exit the your “PHPmyAdmin” by simply closing the currently active browser window.

20. Thank you for watching and reading our tutorial if you have any questions please leave them below.

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